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Episode 6 - A 2014 prediction shake up special with our long awaited Q&A section. Mr Elliott Franklin joins us for a review of the predictions of 2014 alongside a response to questions from the SAA members.

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Episode 5 - % of employees who would sell company data, are Security leaders leaving the enterprise and a zero-trust and threat intelligence extravaganza from Mr Rick Holland.

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Episode 4 - Ransomware again hits headlines, price of data in the underground economy, review of pragmatic network security management and is cyber insurance hot...or not.

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Episode 3 - A review of another Microsoft vuln, John McAfee for MS CEO, Cryptolocker becoming widespread.  Topics include micro-virtualisation effectiveness and why we all need a data scientist.

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Episode 2 - Can't see the wood for the trees.  A review of the recent compromise, critique of the new IBM CISO study and views on the proposed NIST framework.  James summarises threat modelling and why all orgs should do it.

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Episode 1 - Introducing a new alliance.  The first in a series of podcasts aimed at security professionals.  Introducing the Alliance, news stories covering the Adobe breach and arrest of Paunch, Kotters 8 step plan for change and the Sourcefire aquisition.

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