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Brian Johnson is the CEO and co-founder at Divvycloud.  Brian chats with host AJ Eads about his career in cybersecurity, including his pathway into the industry though gaming.  

We also talk about why Brian started Divvycloud, their core service offering and how they help companies innovate by better leveraging the cloud.

This is a short conversation from the 2019 Executive Leadership Summit but a good one for business leaders who are struggling to understand security's role in innovation and competitive advantage.

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Rick Howard is the Chief Security Officer for Palo Alto Networks.  He's a graduate of West Point Military Academy, a former Chief of the Army's Computer Emergency Response Team and a current member of the Alliance Board of Directors.

Rick has been one of the most impactful members of the Alliance over the last two years, bringing invaluable advice, resources and talent to our efforts to close the #talentgap and grow executive development.

We have a great conversation about Rick's job, how they help customers and why he's involved in the Alliance.

Palo Alto Networks is our Title Sponsor at the 2019 Executive Leadership Summit and Rick will be speaking on "The State Of The Network Defender Community"

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Neil Thacker, CISO for Netskope Cloud Security EMEA, and Mike Spain, Executive Director for NeuroCyberUK join the podcast for a conversation around our first Converge Tour event held in the UK, and how we can better understand neurodiversity advantages in our organizations.



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